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SMJ YURUGIX CUP 2020 was held at IFS (Infinity International Speedway) on Nov 8th, 2020. 

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There were 53 drivers in the competition.

All participants enjoyed the race.

The results are in the below.



Freshman class

1st : Mr. Takahashi

2nd: Mr. Nishihata

3rd : Mr. Kobana

4th : Mr. Ando

5th : Mr. Hanyu

6th : Mr. Shimogaki

7th : Mr. Usui

8th : Mr. Matsusaka

9th : Mr. Abe

10th:Mr. Ozawa

Freshman yurugix.JPG 

R45 Class

1st : Mr. Asai

2nd: Mr. Nagao

3rd : Mr. Watanabe

4th : Mr. Taira

5th : Mr. Mimura

6th : Mr. Sonohara

7th : Mr. Ashida

8th : Mr. Hosoda

9th : Mr. Minamihata

10th: Mr. Onishi

20201110R45 Yurugix.JPG 

Expert Class

1st: Mr. Takahata (M17)

2nd: Mr. Yokoyama

3rd : Mr. Kato (M17)

4th : Mr. Sahashi (M17)

5th : Mr. Ishioka

6th: Mr. Tanaka

7th: Mr. Aoki (M17)

8th : Mr. Mihara (M17)

9th : Mr. Cyayama (EXZES-ZZ)

10th: Mr. Matsukura (M17)

Expert Yurugix.JPG 

7 racers use SANWA Transmitter in Top 10 racers in expert class.


 Overall transmitter percentage

SANWA: 66 %

Other 1: 21%

Other 2: 13%

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