TITC 2019 Race Result (SANWA Transmitter Swept on the Podium)

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During Feb. 26th, 2019 - Mar. 4th, 2019, TITC 2019 was held at RC ADDICT INFINITY CIRCUIT in Thailand. 

All podium drivers used SANWA transmitter and 9 racers in A-main used SANWA transmitter. 



Modified Class

1st  Alexander Hagberg (SANWA M12S)

2nd  Naoto Matsukura (SANWA M12S)

3rd  Akio Sofue (SANWA M12S)

4th  Bruno Coelho (SANWA M12S)

5th  Jiles Groskamp (SANWA EXZES ZZ)

6th  Viktor Wilck (SANWA M12S)

7th  Marc Rheinard (SANWA M12S)

8th  Ronald Volker (SANWA M12S)

9th  Viljami Kutvonen (SANWA M12S)

10th Takuma Sasaki


9 racers in A-main uses SANWA transmitter.

Total transmitter rate by manufacture is in the below. 

TOTAL racers: 233 people

SANWA:  165 people (70.8%)

Other 1: 49 people (21%)

Other 3: 14 people (6%)

Other 4: 3 people (1.3%)

Other 5: 2 people (0.9%)

Thank you for all racers, staff in TITC. 
Also, thank you for SANWA users support in TITC. 

Upload: 3/6/2019

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