TITC 2017 Race Result

TITC (Thai International Touring Car Championship)
2017 Race Result

A-Main were dominated by all Sanwa Radios !!

TITC 2017 was held during Feb.16-19, 2017 at Infinity Addict Circuit
in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mr. Bruno Coelho of Sanwa Sponsorship Driver won the race
at Modified Class which is the highest class.
His Championship at TITC are two consecutive years.
And also, all 10 drivers at A-Main used Sanwa Radios.

< Race Result at Modified Class>

1st   Bruno Coelho               Portugal    M12S
2nd  Nicholas Lee                Singapore    M12S
3rd   Ronald Volker              Germany    M12S
4th   Jilles Groskamp           Netherlands    EXZES ZZ
5th   Andy Moore                 United Kingdom    EXZES ZZ
6th   Alexander Hagberg     Sweden    M12S
7th   Chavit Sirigupta            Thailand    M12   
8th    Naoki Akiyama            Japan    M12S
9th    Akio Sobue                  Japan    M12S
10th  Shinnosuke Ogino        Japan    M12S


 Photo by Mr. Tsutomu Arakawa


Photo by Mr. Tsutomu Arakawa

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