Daniel Kobbevik Servos Information

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We are very glad to upload about information of Daniel Kobbevik.

He is one of the most talented RC driver around the World. 
He drive his cars with SANWA servos. 


List of his servo

  1. PGS-LH II: 1/10 2WD Buggy Dirt
  2. PGS-XR II: 1/10 4wd Dirt/Carpet/Astro, 1/10 2wd Carpet/ Astro, 1/10 Touring
  3. PGS-XB II: 1/8 Buggy Fuel, 1/8 Buggy Electric
  4. PGS-HR: 1/12 Track
  5. Multi Setting Gear: for Servo setting (Also, M17 have multi setting gear function)

upload: 20/02/18

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