2018 JMRCA Japanese National Championship 1:12 Electric Track Racing

June 29th - July 1st 2018, 2018 JMRC 1/12 EP-R Japan National is held in Keitune Racing Speed-way in Chiba, Japan. 

SANWA M12S racers got championship in both Super Expert and Open classes. The result is in the below.


Open Class

1st Place: Mr. Nagashima (SANWA M12S)

2nd Place: Mr. Ishioka

3rd Place: Mr. Ebukuro

4th Place: Mr. Suzuki

5th Place: Mr. Yanagisawa

6th Place: Mr. Yanagisawa

7th Place: Mr. Yamashita

8th Place: Mr. Saito

9th Place: Mr. Sakamoto

10th Place: Mr. Kato


# 5 racers used SANWA Radio in Top 10 Racers.


# To compete percentage of radio in open class

USE SANWA : 46% (19 people)

USE OTHER1: 20% (8 people)

USE OTHER2: 34% (14 people)



Sports Class

1st Place: Mr. Fukuoka (SANWA M12S)

2nd Place: Mr. Yoshida

3rd Place: Mr. Usui

4th Place: Mr. Nimura

5th Place: Mr. Oebisu

6th Place: Mr. Kaked.a

7th Place: Mr. Hirai

8th Place: Mr. Arimori

9th Place: Mr. Matsuda

10th Place: Mr. Matsumoto


# To compete percentage of radio in sport class

USE SANWA : 64% (34 people)

USE OTHER1: 19% (10 people)

USE OTHER2: 17% (9 people)



We are much appreciated ALL DRIVERS and STAFF in JAPAN NATIONAL

AND We are much appreciated SANWA USERS' SUPPORTS.

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