Multi Setting Gear Software for PGSII series

MULTI SETTING GEAR Firmware for PGS series is different from firmware for PGS II series.

MULTI SETTING GEAR can set all compatible device by switching MULTI SETTING GEAR firmware.

Please check and change to MULTI SETTING GEAR firmware same as device firmware.

When changing MULTI SETTING GEAR firmware, please follow the steps in the below.

【Firmware Setting Steps】

1.  Download each firmware in the below link

 PGSX2002.zip (Firmware for PGS-LH II and XB II 

● PGSC2002.zip (Firmware for PGS- CL II) 


2. Unzip the download folder and save program to Micro SDHC Card

3. Insert Micro SDHC Card to MULTI SETTING GEAR

4. Turn on MULTI SETTING GEAR holding with BACK button

5. Choose correct firmware for your servo and press ENTER button

6. Turn off the MULTI SETTING GEAR

7. After connected your servo, turn on the MULTI SETTING GEAR again. 

8. Start setting 

※If the firmware is not correct. display "PLEASE CHANGE."

Please back to 5. and choose correct firmware. 

Also, we upload Firmware change manual with picture. 

Please check manual in the below.


Uplpad: 06/03/2019

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