High Evaluation on PGS Servos by Top-Drivers

PGS Series is received very high evaluations by Top-Drivers

Top-drivers highly evaluated about unprecedented new generation servos.

To fit drivers' favorite setting

Mr. Takaaki Shimo

"PGS servos can change programs. In this thing, servo program can be changed in each situations (surface and tires change), and very easily to run.

PGS servos are different feelings from former servos. PGS servos can corner speedy such as going up to upper levels by the servos. To change favorite servos programs could be closed to the feeling as drivers' desire."


Excellent performance

Mr. Takashi Kato

"PGS servos is excellent performances as smoothly starting and strength than conventional servos. Shaft fixation is stable by new aluminum upper case, and more improved drivability.

I used some different kind of servos by each condition. The PGS servos are available to change program setting, and the setting can change in quite details by SSL function of the transmitter. I am favorable not to take off servo when the setting is changed. Also, the PGS servos can set programs just before race when the condition is immediately changed.


Recommended with assurance

Mr. Kazuya Yurugi

"After tested, I felt that PGS servos are better and incomparable direct feeling than normal servos. And the miracle servos can change setting during running from transmitter.

Do you stop the car if you changed car setting? If you can change setting one time, it is better and short time but we tend to spend long time for car setting. However, using this servos can be changed setting by the transmitter. It could be very easy to change car movement. I recommended PGS servos with assurance. "


Feeling higher ability than specification

Mr. Atsushi Kawamoto

"PGS servos looks is based on black and sophisticated than former servos. About servo motion, I felt different performances from former servos when I set up. During the operation, I impressed the servo is more finely moving. The greatest feature is programmable servo. Programmable servos can change program setting to fit to own feeling. I could feel speed and torque power more than specification.

Also, setting program is very easy and quick to change by M12S or PGS SETTING GEAR. This would be benefit to use PGS servos in race competition.


Highly recommended servos

Mr. Kazunari Tomita

Eventually, next generation servos are now on sale. I tested before the servos are on sale. Then I used LH servo on race competition which many Japanese Top-Driver participated.

Very perfect driving feeling increases range of line control. I tend to tremble hands in competition but I could got better result than my ability. Durability is also increased. The PGS servos are highly recommended servos.


Drive on imaged line

Mr. Yusuke Sugiura

"PGS servos can set details of 9 programs by mode. This increased car setting ranges more. Also, one PGS servo can adjust to different situations such as carpet and sand is one of the benefits. On beginning of cornering and end of cornering, the programs can create ideal car cornering for me. It is easier closed to driving on imaged line. Program setting changes is easy to feel how servo is changed."


Natural cornering servo

Mr. Tadahiko Sabashi

"PGS servo cannot explain increased specifications in a word. Using this servo is available to do high quality cornering such as I found the best setting for machine.  The program setting can be set by the transmitter is great function for PGS servos. There are pleasure to find ideal setting for me form the transmitter. 

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