SUPER VORTEX GEN2 PRO Additional explanation of using SUPER VORTEX Gen2 PRO

Firmware Ver.01.02R001 for PROGRAM BOX Gen2 is NOT compatible with SUPER VORTEX Gen2 PRO. Please download and update firmware (Ver.01.03R001) before using.


Firmware (Ver.01.03R001) for SUPER VORTEX Gen2 PRO: PBOXA001_0103001.zip


※After updated firmware for Gen2 PRO, PROGRAM BOX is NOT compatible with SURPER VORTEX Gen2. Please download and re-update when PROGRAM BOX for Gen2.


Firmware (Ver.01.02R001) for SURPER VORTEX Gen2:  PBOXA001_0102002.zip



Firmware for Gen2 and Firmware for Gen2 PRO cannot be saved in same Micro SDHC card.

Program Box can only have one firmware. Program Box cannot recognized firmware if the firmware name was changed.


Please prepare two micro SDHC cards for both Program Box for Gen 2 and Gen 2 Pro. And save a firmware in each Micro SDHC card. 

(How to Update Firmware for Program Box) 

1.     Unzip the PBOXA001_0103001.zip or the PBOX001_0102002.zip

2.     Open the folder and save to PBOXA001.PRO in Micro SDHC Card (Check Only PBOXA001.PRO in Micro SDHC Card)

3.     Turn on Program Box without Gen2 PRO connection

4.     Updated Firmware 

5.    Turn off the Program Box 

6.      Turn on Program Box with Super Vortex Gen2 connection and check firmware is same as Gen2 PRO program. 

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